PDF Splitter & Merger consumer and business product integrated with LicenseDNA which controls download, trial period, ecommerce and license management.   Trial period was configured to support 10-days trial, which follows download, install and first time use of the application.  During the initial download, LicenseDNA tracks download and install time frame.  This stage is critical to ensure the consumer is able to quickly download and install the product flawlessly.  However, if the consumer finds install related issues, LicenseDNA provides an easy process for them to quickly inform the publisher.

Upon installation and upon first time launch of the product, LicenseDNA validates the trial mode and secures the application to follow the trial policies setup by the publisher.  Tampering with the system clock, changing the date or time on the computer automatically alerts the consumer that violations are detected and LicenseDNA will shut down the trial of the product.  PDF Splitter & Merger product uses .NET 2.0 LicenseDNA Client DLL to secure the application for licensing and anti-tampering / anti-piracy.  A critical difference between LicenseDNA technology and others 3rd party controls is that de-coding or reverse engineering of the control will result in logic which is already publicly available.  The source of the licensing logic / technology is on the LicenseDNA secure server, therefore, the authorization mechanism is separated from physical software, thus anti-piracy is less likely.

Upon trial expiration, the end user can launch the application but the license management platform restricts usage and requests the user to purchase a valid license to continue to use the application.  The consumer is directed back to the PDF Splitter & Merger website, where they can purchase a single or multiple licenses.  This checkout page is operated by LicenseDNA where the pricing and discount packages are configured (and can be changed by business users as required). 

The consumer is then provided with a real-time online license activation information, purchase details, introduced to the consumer portal service and similar details are also e-mailed to them.  Multiple-touch communications mechanism are employed to ensure proper communications of this event and most importantly to reduce consumer support calls to the publisher for licensing related events.  Most publisher receive app. 65% of support calls in regards to activation of license, moving license or making changes to the license.  Additionally, publishers have accurate information about the customer, the license issued, number of licenses issued, number of licenses in use, improved license compliance and reduced piracy of software. 

PDF Splitter & Merger publisher initially leveraged home grown simple lock and key security, which resulted in single user purchase and deploying the same product on multiple computers, pc and laptop, or across an organization.  This resulted in significant loss of potential revenues.  There after, the publisher moved to a more secure license model purchased from a 3rd party software vendor, which helped manage the license better but made the process much more complicated for the consumer and the publisher - once again reducing opportunities to reduce support events and improve sales.  Customer satisfaction fell to an all time low, since it was cumbersome to manage, additionally the publisher had to build additional reporting modules to support customer service requests, related to licensing.  LicenseDNA platform works seamlessly, connecting all of the critical data points without making it complex to manage and operate. 

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End-to-end publisher sales life cycle management works using LicenseDNA!