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LicenseDNA - Hosted Infrastructure

LicenseDNA is a hosted platform which offers our publishers: integrated licensing, activation and registration system - interfaced with Google Checkout.  Additionally, LicenseDNA provides a free consumer (buyer) online self-service portal for the consumer to track licenses purchased, license activation, issues / support management, coupon, referral services and ongoing publisher-to-consumer (P2C) communications regarding news, product upgrade, discounts, news.  Infrastructure details provided in more detail.  more..

Self Service -- Consumer Portal

LicenseDNA consumer portal is critical to reduce the overall need for support services.  This portal is a consolidate central location for consumer activities -- such as: license activation issues reporting, support issues, knowledge base, coupons, sharing information with other consumers and more.  more..

Uninstall Consumer Survey

LicenseDNA includes a survey module which is activated upon de-install of trial or demo products.  This information can be very important for product enhancement and competitive information.  more..


Reporting Module

Publishers have access to all pertinent information across products suites from trial to download to activation and sales. The reporting module provides details information at the lowest levels and search across dimensions.  Additionally, all of the reports can be download into different formats for further analysis as required by the publishers.  Having all of the operating reports in a central repository makes it vital for customer support and provides insight into consumer demographic on best marketing opportunities to maximize sales.  more..

Activation Notification

Sample of the e-mail activation notice is provided as a screen shot.  LicenseDNA supports online, offline and via consumer portal activation related services.  85% of the support calls are specific to this event, therefore, LicenseDNA leverages a number of communications options to ensure the consumer is informed about the activation process and information.  Additionally, unlike industry standard lock and key activation process, LicenseDNA has not such encrypted logic included in the key, but more so the encoding logic and decoding logic resides on LicenseDNA secure server.  The activation code is information about the product - does not include any information about the consumer so by design LicenseDNA is much more secure.  more..

Google Checkout -- Integrated Checkout

LicenseDNA service includes Google Checkout integration which automates the entire payment process.  This integration also allows publishers using Google Adwords to take advantage of the Google's offer of $1 spent on ads = $10 in free processing services.  Clearly, LicenseDNA team believes this to be an exceptional value for our publishers but if customers require PayPal or other processor services, please contact us and we will integrate them for you specific needs.   LicenseDNA requires consumers purchasing publisher products provide valid e-mail address to ensure we can send the license activation information and ensure the publisher has the information to promote and communicate directly with the consumer as required.  more..

Configurable Pricing Module -- Checkout Process

Online pricing and discounts are dynamic -- constant monitoring of competitor pricing and seasonality requires adjustments by publishers to maximize sales.  There are many ways to package and price the products our publishers will sell, the key to this module is never engage your developer to make pricing changes.  The publishers can make the changes by simply logging into the account on and then the changes are immediately reflected at the checkout page.  Further more, if this module requires customization, just touch base with our team and we will modify the pricing and packaging module to support you needs.  more..

Trial ware - Key Activation & Module Definition -- Interface

LicenseDNA web services allows the publishers to define what type of trial they want to provide their potential customers.  There are no limits on the number of modules which can be restricted or defined within the trial mode of the product.  Further more, the publisher can include a single key for the entire product trial or specify individual keys per module.  Additional parameters include the number of days available for the trial which will automatically restrict use of the application when the trail days expire.  Delay parameter is used with the "x" factor, which delays the application to launch.  This provides a significant advantage to freeware products where the product takes incremental time to open when this method is in use.  At some point it becomes too long for the user and the consumer will spend the money to buy the product to remove this delay.  more..

Client, Server, Applet, Web Application, Mobile Application -- Interface

LicenseDNA upon registration provides the publishers with a complete set of instructions with integration options.  This includes pre-built API, DLL, integration scripts and documentation.  Publisher's developer is requested to review this information carefully and then integrate the LicenseDNA service as required for the application.  There are no restrictions on how to interface with LicenseDNA services and there are no required modules required for interfacing with the service, e.g. upon de-install of product by consumer, LicenseDNA recommends directing the consumer to an automated survey form to gather more information about why the consumer decided not to purchase the product.  However, this is up to the publisher to interface this web service module.  more..