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July 1, 2008



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LicenseDNA platform was born in July, 2006, to manage the ongoing needs to centralize management for multiple products, web applications, web services and payment services across many websites for the parent company VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC.

Over a period of 2 years, LicenseDNA was used to manage perpetual license, concurrent license, leased license, key generation, policy management for upgrade / downgrade accounts, activation, registration, account cancellation, key reissuance, support events, trouble tickets, coupons, discounts, pricing management, product release management, modular control, server license, client license, feedback reporting and many more operational functions.

Management identified the need for an automated licensing management platform and dynamic in its configuration to be agile to keep up with the ongoing changing pace of how software and web applications are licensed to consumers (end users and enterprise customer).  Current sample of products / web applications using LicenseDNA:

LicenseDNA version 2.0 was released on July 4th, 2008, to publishers world wide. Software and web applications publishers can now leverage the powerful, yet flexible, automated license management & marketing solutions platform. Our publishers bring products & services to market, faster, cheaper and centrally organized for maximum ROI.

Investor Information

We are currently funded and we keep a diverse set of investors, private equity and venture capital firms informed regarding our progress. If you wish to be included in such communications, please contact us.

Software, Web Applications, Mobile Applications - Strategic Partners

We seek strategic alliance partners whereby we can mutually gain from such relationships to further assist publishers to increase revenues and profits.

LicenseDNA Team Leadership

LicenseDNA is lead by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of technology, security, licensing and marketing experience in a variety of companies - large / small / startups / bankrupt and successful. Contact us for more details on revenue sharing opportunities.

Publishers, products, licenses, customers, sales transactions, traffic, demographics, strategic deals, partnerships and technical and systems related information are private and never shared between competitors or any 3rd parties.  Only exception is the Free plan option -- LicenseDNA reserves the rights to share with advertisers information as required.

Each LicenseDNA team members understand the sensitive nature of our business and they are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement.  Security violations and/or misconduct associated with sharing of competitive or customer information about publishers is a serious violation of our policy and handled with strict measures. 

LicenseDNA management will take immediate action towards any member of the team which may include immediate termination of employee and further legal actions permitted by law.







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