Welcome to LicenseDNA Production Activation Quick Walk-through:
Whether you choose Google or Paypal, We will offer easy and secure Product Activation with your Order number that will be issued and sent to you upon completion of your checkout. Please check your email after placing an order and allow couple of minutes to arrive.
Step # 1. When you run your Product, you will see a welcome form, Copy the Order number from your email to the field as Order Number and hit validate button. Make sure you are connected to Internet. It will open up a browser.
Step # 2: You will seen your Activation key as shown in below image. copy that key and save it for future usage if needed.
Step # 3:  When you have copied the Key from above step, click on Activate button and you will seen an image as in step # 4.
Step # 4:  Hit OK and you are all set with Production activation.